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We could say we know our clients better than most other companies and prove it by writing in-depth analyses of each individual service brand. But we would rather get to know YOU. You come here often? Why don’t we develop an app for you? Something special that incorporates your company’s inner most desires, something targeted toward your direct audience and wrapped up in a neatly tied package of awesome?

We could explain our research procedure and how we take a single word or phrase and build it into a monumental eye-catcher that not only attracts, but delivers your message to the people of the world. But our means of research are so exhaustive and detailed that if we were to research our own research methods, we would be able to find the psychological anomalies that cause this company to function to flawlessly. And that could get scary.

We could tell you about our design-lead development, how we value strong user interface and how our process turns out a mobile application masterpiece every time. But we prefer to let our apps speak for themselves, much like a well-oiled robot who praises his creator. Once our work is complete, your app takes life, spreading across the land like golden sunlight, working to fulfill your company’s goals and mission.

We could boast about how we are young, good looking and don’t forget things nearly as often as some other, more matured companies. But out of politeness for our elders, we will just say this. Smack My Apps is dedicated, innovative, professional, hot, sassy, fresh, and just about any adjective synonymous with great. It can be difficult being an elite app development company structured on bringing extraordinary success to your business, but we are happy to do it.

Step 1

Define(aka the pointer)

We saw you over here all by yourself and thought you might need a company for app development. So, what defines you? Maybe we can get to know each other a little bit better. We want to know what makes you tick, where you are headed, whether you like Apple or Android. These things are important.

Step 2

Research(aka the pointer)

Once we know a little bit about you, it’s time to inspect every inch of your app topic to ensure we are pushing (and making) all the right buttons. The reason we work so well with our clients is because we know what they want and what they need, inside and out.

Step 3


Things are all warmed up. Now, it’s time to put things in motion. Attractive user interfaces, beautiful graphics, lush designs, innovative concepts, and flawless functionality are just a few of the ingredients that make the ideal mobile application. Putting the pieces together is the only way to make a perfect fit.

Step 4

Evaluate(high attention to details)

Things aren’t always smooth the first time around. Sometimes it takes a little trial and error. If we are putting square pegs in round holes, we need to take a step back and smooth out the folds. Smack My Apps is about giving what you want, not about taking shortcuts.

Step 5

Launch(blast off)

It’s time to release the beast onto the world! But unlike most businesses, we aren’t fishing. We don’t dangle your app in front of the people hoping for a bite. We shove it in their faces and make them want that app! We are the creators of masterpieces and people need to hear about that.

Speed Stats just
lapped ur app

SpeedStats, is your #1 iPhone app for finding out BHP, 0-60mph, 1/4 mile, top speed, 0-100mph, torque power stats for a wide range of vehicles. You can even use the app to calculate your own 1/4 mile time!

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A creative bunch that loves building well thought out apps. We value the time and process it takes to build something worth marveling over. Oh, you do too?

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Simply put, we build apps for iOS and Android. If you value a rich user experience, innovative functionality and creative concepts; We should talk.

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We tend to take a more straight forward approach while we're creating solutions; Define, research, execute, evaluate and launch. Lean in, we'll show you.

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